Rep. Schmidt Donates Pay Raise to Zion United Church of Christ Food Pantry in New Baden

State Representative Kevin Schmidt has pledged to donate the legislative pay raise he voted against to different local community outreach efforts in his community. This month, he has chosen the Zion Church of Christ Food Pantry in New Baden.

He delivered the food and released the following statement: “Today I made my monthly food donation to the Zion United Church of Christ Food Pantry. I donate the amount of my salary increase in the form of food to different local food pantries. I voted no for that salary increase, so I put my money where my mouth is.”

Food and basic necessities are a fundamental need for everyone in our community. Whether you’re facing temporary hardship or ongoing challenges, there are resources available to help.

Check out this new page where you can find information on food pantries across the district and learn more about how Rep. Schmidt is working to combat food insecurity in our community.

In Need of Assistance? Find a Food Pantry in Your Area – Kevin Schmidt (