Schmidt Joins Attorney General’s Office to Talk Senior Fraud Protection

State Representative Kevin Schmidt joined Marsha Griffin from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office at Assisted Living at Silver Creek in Millstadt. They gave a presentation and took questions from seniors on how to better protect themselves from fraud.

“Fraud targeting senior citizens is an increasingly prevalent issue across the country, and it requires our immediate attention and action,” said Schimdt. “As scams become more sophisticated, the need for heightened awareness and proactive measures becomes even more critical. As your State Representative, I am committed to ensuring that you have the tools and knowledge necessary to protect yourself from these deceptive practices.”

Rep. Schmidt reiterated the following fraud prevention tips that are important to know:

  1. Recognizing Suspicious Activities: It’s important to recognize common warning signs of fraud, which often include unexpected contact via phone or email, promises of high returns on investments with no risk, and threats of legal action if immediate payment is not made. Understanding these signs is the first step in protecting oneself.
  2. Verifying Contacts: It’s crucial to verify the identity of anyone who contacts you requesting personal information. We must verify identities using official channels rather than the contact details provided by the caller or emailer.
  3. Using Secure Transaction Methods: It’s important to learn safe methods for conducting financial transactions, emphasizing the importance of avoiding untraceable payment methods favored by scammers, such as wire transfers and prepaid debit cards.
  4. Staying Informed About Scam Tactics: Scammers constantly refine their methods, so staying informed about new scam tactics is vital.
  5. Reporting Suspicious Activities: Knowing how to report suspected fraud is critical. Immediate reporting can mitigate damage and help prevent others from becoming victims. I strongly encourage all of you to attend this important event. Protecting yourself from fraud is crucial to protecting your resources as well as maintaining your independence and peace of mind. Let’s come together to build a community that is as informed as it is resilient.

Rep. Schmidt will be at the Millstadt Senior Center on July 18th to give another presentation on fighting fraud with the Attorney General’s office. This event is free to attend.