Rep. Schmidt Lowering Costs for Families

Springfield, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt continues his commitment to lowering costs for families across Illinois. Rep. Schmidt is supporting important legislation to prevent tax hikes, lower energy and healthcare costs, and promote fiscal responsibility.

“I am committed to ensuring that working families and seniors in Illinois are not burdened with unnecessary tax hikes,” Rep. Schmidt said. “By supporting legislation to lower energy and healthcare costs, and promote fiscal responsibility, we can make a positive impact on the lives of all Illinoisans. While the pressures of rising costs are affecting all of us, I will continue to fight to relieve this burden on the families of our communities.” 

Stopping Tax Hikes on Working Families and Seniors

Rep. Schmidt is advocating against wasteful spending and has consistently opposed misplaced priorities, such as taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits for undocumented immigrants. He has consistently fought proposed taxes on retirement income, ensuring that Illinois seniors can enjoy their hard-earned retirement savings without additional financial strain.

Additionally, Schmidt has co-sponsored several pieces of legislation seeking to reduce the tax burden on essential items like groceries and medications.

Notable bills include:

HR 24 Supporting no taxing of retirement income.

HB 2336 Seeing that certain food and medications were no longer taxed.

HB 1074 Raising the income limitation on the property tax senior freeze.

Cutting Energy Costs

To protect low-income residents from soaring energy costs, Rep. Schmidt is fighting to extend crucial energy relief programs when they were at risk of expiring. His legislative efforts include:

SB 76 – Supporting high-energy sources and reliability.

HB 4471 – Extending energy relief programs for low-income residents.

Lowering Healthcare Costs

In a bid to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, Rep. Schmidt has supported numerous bills aimed at reducing costs for essential health services. He has backed legislation to increase access to cancer screenings, cap insulin costs at $35 per month, and expand the availability of epi-pens.

In a bipartisan effort, Rep. Schmidt supported Governor Pritzker’s insurance reform bill, addressing key consumer concerns and enhancing healthcare coverage across the state. Key healthcare-related bills include:

HB 3202 – Increasing access to cancer screenings.

HB 2189 – Capping insulin costs.

HB 3639 – Expanding availability of epi-pens.

HB 5395 – Insurance reform bill.

Rep. Kevin Schmidt remains dedicated to his mission of lowering costs and ensuring a better quality of life for all residents of Illinois. His legislative efforts reflect a deep commitment to fiscal responsibility, energy reliability, and accessible healthcare.

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