Schmidt’s Spotlight

Last week proved to be incredibly fruitful in Springfield as we saw significant progress on multiple fronts. I’m pleased to share that eight of my cosponsored bills successfully passed the House and are moving on to the Senate.

In this week’s edition of Schmidt’s Spotlight, we’ll look at important legislative updates from Springfield, a local event happening this week, and my ongoing initiatives to combat food insecurity. It’s through our collective efforts that we continue to drive positive change and advocate for the well-being of all residents in the 114th District.

Coffee and Conversation

I’m excited for my “Coffee and Conversation” event to be held at Billie’s Pastries in East St. Louis TOMORROW, April 25th. This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with me in a casual and relaxed setting.

As your representative, it is crucial for me to hear directly from you about the issues that matter most to our community. Coffee and Conversation events provide a relaxed atmosphere where we can have candid discussions about how to move our communities forward. I encourage everyone to join me at Billie’s Pastries tomorrow, and let’s work together to address the challenges and opportunities facing East St. Louis.

Event Details

Thursday, April 25th from 10-11am

Billie’s Pastries

7301 E. Street. East St. Louis

Legislative Updates from Springfield

One of the highlights from last week was the passage of HB 4350, the Child Abuse Notice Act, in the Illinois House of Representatives. This legislation, which I’m proud to cosponsor, aims to raise awareness about child abuse and provide essential resources for reporting such incidents. As a father and legislator, the safety and well-being of our children are of utmost importance to me. HB 4350 is a significant step towards empowering children to recognize and report abuse, while also equipping businesses and establishments with the necessary tools to address these unspeakable acts. I’m proud to have played a part in advancing this crucial legislation, and I’m committed to seeing it through the legislative process.

Supporting Women and Families

I’ve co-sponsored several important pieces of legislation aimed at supporting the well-being of women and families across Illinois. These bills, recently passed by the House and moving to the Senate, address crucial issues such as healthcare access, caregiver support, and the protection of pregnant women.

Supporting the well-being of women and families is essential for the strength and resilience of our communities. I am committed to advocating for policies that uplift and empower women and families across our great state.

House Bills I’ve Co-Sponsored:

HB4055 – Ensuring Healthcare Access: House Bill 4055 ensures equitable access to essential medical treatments by mandating coverage for specific healthcare services under insurance policies.

HB5643 – Affordable Maternal Care:  House Bill 5643 mandates coverage for at-home pregnancy tests under insurance policies, aiming to remove barriers to prenatal care and empower women to make informed decisions about their health.

HB4677 – Supporting Caregivers: House Bill 4677 establishes the Illinois Caregiver Assistance and Resource Portal, a one-stop shop for families that helps them navigate caregiving resources.

HB5431 – Protecting Pregnant Women: House Bill 5431 expands healthcare provisions for pregnant women in correctional facilities.

As these bills advance to the Senate, I remain dedicated to advocating for policies that promote the health, safety, and prosperity of women and families throughout our state. 

Advocating for Education Reform

I’m advocating for education reform and enhanced opportunities for students across Illinois. With a focus on improving education outcomes and ensuring access to quality learning experiences, I’ve co-sponsored several important bills that would bring about positive change in our education system.

Education is the cornerstone of our society, and it is crucial that we continually strive to improve and innovate within our education system. By advocating for these education reforms, we are working to ensure that every student in Illinois has access to high-quality education and the resources they need to succeed.

House Bills I’ve Co-Sponsored:

HB3286 – Supporting Career Education:  House Bill 3286 strives to bolster career education opportunities by establishing a program to provide bonuses to Career and Technical Education teachers working with manufacturing companies during internships.

HB4219 – Strengthening Health Education:  House Bill 4219 updates the Comprehensive Health Education Program to include instruction on the dangers of fentanyl for grades 6-8.

HB4241 – Safeguarding Students: House Bill 4241 addresses instances of sexual abuse by educators or authority figures within school settings, promoting a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. This bill would make sexual abuse by an educator a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense, a Class 4 felony for a second or subsequent offense, and a Class 3 felony if there is more than one victim.

As these bills move to the Senate, I remain steadfast in my commitment to education reform and fostering an environment where all students can thrive academically and achieve their full potential.

Supporting Veterans

I’ve introduced HB 4128, the Veterans Day Paid Leave Act, in an effort to honor and support the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. This legislation was proposed to ensure that veterans employed in the state of Illinois are granted a paid day off on Veterans Day, starting January 1, 2025.

Our veterans have selflessly served our country, and it is our duty to honor their service and sacrifice. HB 4128 not only acknowledges their contributions but also ensures they are given the respect and recognition they deserve, including a well-deserved paid day off on Veterans Day.

Under HB 4128, every employer in Illinois would be required to provide each employee who is a veteran with a paid day off on Veterans Day, if the employee would otherwise be required to work on that day.

Additionally, HB 4128 would also create an income tax credit equal to 100% of the wages paid by the taxpayer to a veteran as a result of the paid day off.

Combatting Food Insecurity and Resources in Your Area

Access to food and basic necessities is a fundamental right that should be available to all members of our community. Whether you’re experiencing temporary hardship or ongoing challenges, it’s essential to know that support is available. That’s why I’m dedicated to combating food insecurity and ensuring that no one in our district goes hungry.

I invite you to explore a new page on my website where you can find information on local food pantries and learn more about my efforts to address food insecurity. You can find it here: In Need of Assistance? Find a Food Pantry in Your Area – Kevin Schmidt (

I’ve pledged to donate the legislative pay raise that I voted against to various local community outreach efforts. This month, I’ve chosen to support the Mascoutah Food Pantry as part of my ongoing commitment to giving back to those in need (pictured above).

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and build a stronger, more resilient community for all.

A Day in O’Fallon

Last month, I spent the day visiting a variety of locations in O’Fallon and meeting my constituents. I enjoyed breakfast at Wood Bakery, coffee at Sweet Katie Bee’s Bakery-Café, made a donation to the O’Fallon Township Food Pantry, read to children at Discovery School, spoke with seniors at Colonnade Senior Living, stopped for lunch at Shooter’s, met with local law enforcement at the O’Fallon Police Department, and ended the day at Parent Teacher Tools and Toys.

I had a wonderful day in O’Fallon. I’m grateful to have met so many people, learn about how I can best serve them, and see firsthand what they do. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being among the people I serve! The highlight of my day was reading ‘Yani the Yeti’ to the children of Discovery School. The book was written by a local Kindergarten teacher, Katie Mense! Her passion for writing is inspiring and I was honored to read her book to them.

Check out all the pictures from the day here: A Day in O’Fallon – Kevin Schmidt (

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Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Stay tuned for more updates in the next edition of Schmidt’s Spotlight!