Rep. Schmidt Applauds Little Bit Foundation’s Support for Annette Harris Officer Elementary School Students in East St. Louis

East St. Louis, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt extends his support and appreciation to the Little Bit Foundation for its recent initiative benefiting elementary school students at Annette Harris Officer Elementary School in East St. Louis. Through the foundation’s efforts, approximately 300 students at the school received free coats and books, helping to nurture both their bodies and minds.

“The work of the Little Bit Foundation exemplifies the spirit of community and compassion,” said Rep. Schmidt. “By providing coats and books to elementary students at Annette Harris Officer Elementary School, they are not only addressing immediate needs but also nurturing a love for learning that will benefit these children for years to come. I extend my wholehearted support to their mission and applaud their dedication to the well-being of our youth.”

There is now a strong partnership between the school and the Little Bit Foundation. At the heart of the Little Bit Foundation’s efforts is a dedication to comprehensive support for students and their families. Through initiatives like the distribution of coats and books, as well as the provision of case managers for wellness and family support, the foundation aims to create an environment where every child at Annette Harris Officer Elementary School feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed.

There is also now a boutique on the second floor of the school where students can request various items including coats, uniforms, toiletries, and more.

Rep. Schmidt’s support for the Little Bit Foundation’s initiative highlights his commitment to equity, access, and opportunity for all residents of East St. Louis. He seeks to foster a community where every child in the district, and state, has the resources and support they need to thrive.