Happy Presidents Day!

Presidents Day is a holiday meant to honor the Presidents who have led our great nation and to remember the values on which our country was founded. Happy Presidents Day!

Presidents’ Day is observed on the third Monday in February in the U.S. The holiday was first established in 1885 to observe Washington’s Birthday on February 22. Congress established the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in 1968, which promoted the idea of three-day weekends for the workforce and shifted holiday observances to Mondays. Washington’s Birthday soon moved to its new home on the third Monday of February, and now it was even closer in proximity to President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12.

Over the years and into the 1980s, the Washington’s Birthday holiday became known as “Presidents’ Day” and is now an observed national federal holiday. Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, and Presidents’ Day can all be recognized in different ways depending on which state you live in, with Illinois recognizing Lincoln’s Birthday as a state holiday.