Rep. Schmidt Calls for Immediate Action in Response to Cahokia Heights Public Health Crisis (With KMOV 4 News Video)

Cahokia Heights, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt has responded to the recent report detailing the public health crisis faced by residents in Cahokia Heights. The investigative report, published on November 13, 2023, sheds light on the dire living conditions experienced by the community, including persistent exposure to sewage and its severe health implications.

The report reveals that residents in Cahokia Heights have been exposed to sewage for decades, leading to serious health concerns, including bacterial infections, parasites, viruses, and respiratory issues. Sadly, the state has only released $2.4 million of the promised $15.35 million that the city desperately needs properly to address these critical public health threats that are leaving residents in desperate conditions.

State Representative Kevin Schmidt asserts that the lack of intervention from the relevant health agencies is unacceptable and calls for immediate action to address the crisis in Cahokia Heights. He emphasizes the importance of deploying resources to investigate the health effects of sewage exposure, providing comprehensive medical testing for residents, and implementing measures to mitigate the impact of sewage-contaminated water on homes and public spaces.

“It is appalling to learn about the prolonged suffering of the residents in Cahokia Heights and the failure of health agencies to address this urgent public health crisis,” Rep. Schmidt said. “I am committed to working collaboratively with local and state authorities to ensure that the necessary resources are allocated to investigate the health risks, protect the affected residents, and address the root causes of the problem. I will continue to advocate for Cahokia Heights until they receive the full funding they were promised by our current administration.”

The residents of Cahokia Heights deserve immediate relief and a comprehensive plan to address the persistent sewage exposure and its impact on their health. State Representative Kevin Schmidt stands with the community, urging swift and decisive action to end this public health crisis.