Rep. Schmidt Advocates for Enhanced Safety Measures in Cahokia Heights (With Video)

The Cahokia Heights Police Department recently reported a string of serious crimes. Residents of Cahokia Heights find themselves having growing concerns about public safety. Residents are now urging local authorities to take decisive action to address escalating crime.

“Illinois State Police and the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department have a proven track record of effectively combating violent crime,” remarked Rep. Schmidt. “Implementing successful strategies from neighboring areas, such as the Public Safety Enforcement Group in East St. Louis, can be a crucial step in curbing criminal activities in Cahokia Heights.”

Rep. Schmidt further emphasized the importance of reviewing and adapting successful programs, such as the Public Safety Enforcement Group (PSEG) in East St. Louis, which has demonstrated a significant reduction in homicides and nonfatal shootings since its inception in 2019.

Drawing attention to his legislative efforts, Rep. Schmidt stated, “I am actively co-sponsoring House Bill 4052 that would bring back cash bail, as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing the recent surge in crime. I’m focused on exploring all avenues to enhance public safety and restore confidence in our community.”

Rep. Schmidt is committed to participating in a collaborative effort to ensure a safe and secure future for Cahokia Heights.