Resources for Those in Need

As we approach the holiday season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the importance of compassion and community. As we enter the holiday season, I want to share some resources for those in need and highlight volunteer opportunities in our area.

Catholic Urban Programs 7 Vieux Carre Dr. E. St. Louis, IL 62203

Catholic Urban Programs provides food crisis intervention. They have a Holy Angels shelter offering 18 beds, 24/7 support for single women, mothers with children, and families. Additionally, they operate a food pantry, contributing to the fight against hunger in our community.

St. Vincent DePaul Ministries 3718 State St. E. St. Louis, IL 62205

St. Vincent DePaul Ministries runs Cosgrove’s Soup Kitchen, serving the homeless daily for free, seven days a week. They also have an overnight center for the homeless and a thrift store. Volunteers are always welcome to join their noble cause.

Local Food Pantries 

In every town in our district, there are local food pantries doing incredible work. These pantries are a lifeline for many individuals and families. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all of us to give back and support our neighbors. Whether it’s contributing non-perishable items or offering your time, every effort counts.

Let’s spread the word and encourage everyone to find and support their local food pantry. These organizations are making a real impact, and your support can make a difference. Remember, small acts of kindness add up to significant change.

Thank you to all the organizations and volunteers working tirelessly to address homelessness and food insecurity in our community. Let’s continue to come together and make a positive impact.

State Representative Kevin Schimdt