Rep. Schmidt Proposes HB4128: Veterans Day Paid Leave Act

Springfield, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt has introduced HB4128, proposed legislation set for discussion in the upcoming spring legislative session. The bill strives to honor veterans in Illinois by creating the Veterans Day Paid Leave Act.

If passed, beginning January 1, 2025, HB4128 would require all Illinois employers to grant a paid day off to veteran employees scheduled to work on Veterans Day. To be eligible for this leave, employees need to inform their employer in advance and provide proof of their veteran status.

The proposed bill also amends the Illinois Income Tax Act to offer an income tax credit equivalent to 100% of wages paid by the taxpayer to a veteran under the provisions of the Veterans Day Paid Leave Act.

“HB4128 is a way to honor and recognize our veterans’ service and sacrifices by ensuring they can observe Veterans Day,” explained Rep. Schmidt. “This bill not only acknowledges their contributions by giving them the opportunity to take the day off without financial stress to celebrate and reflect on their service.”

Rep. Schmidt wishes all a Happy Veteran’s Day and thanks all veterans for their service.