Jackie Joyner Foundation to Expand Arts Programs with Grant Funding

East St. Louis, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt is pleased to announce that the Illinois Arts Council Agency has awarded three grants totaling $26,900 to the Jackie Joyner Foundation, a center of community enrichment and youth development in the Metro East. These funds will serve to enhance and expand the foundation’s visual arts, music, and dance programming.

The grants reflect the Illinois Arts Council Agency’s recognition of the foundation’s remarkable contributions to the cultural landscape and youth empowerment within the Metro East. The funding will bolster the foundation’s mission to foster public engagement with diverse arts disciplines, promote artistic creation, and facilitate lifelong learning in the arts.

“Art has the power to inspire, uplift, and transform lives,” Rep. Schmidt said. “The grants awarded to the Jackie Joyner Foundation will undoubtedly amplify their efforts to bring the arts closer to our youth and community as a whole, igniting a passion for creative expression and enriching our lives in numerous ways.”

Approximately $15,000 of the awarded funds will be utilized to advance arts programs specifically tailored for East St. Louis. This investment will play a vital role in ensuring that residents of all ages have access to the arts and can benefit from its influence on personal growth and community development.

The Jackie Joyner Foundation, well-known for its dedication to youth education, community engagement, and the pursuit of excellence, will utilize the grants to expand their visual arts, music, and dance initiatives. Through these programs, participants will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, develop artistic skills, and find a platform for self-expression.

For more information on the Jackie Joyner Foundation, visit http://www.jjkfoundation.org/