Metro East Auto Theft Task Force Awarded $2.4 Million Grant: Rep. Schmidt Comments

The Metro East Auto Theft Task Force has been awarded a grant of $2.4 million from the Secretary of State’s office. State Representative Kevin Schmidt has enthusiastically voiced his support for this crucial initiative, highlighting its potential to significantly curb auto theft rates in the Metro East region.

Amidst the growing tide of auto thefts affecting the Metro East, the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force has steadfastly pursued its mission to mitigate this issue. “Public safety is our collective responsibility, and the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force has exemplified an unwavering commitment to upholding it,” Rep. Schmidt stated.

The Metro East region saw over 1,300 vehicles stolen last year alone. Car thefts are often linked with other criminal activities. By directly addressing auto theft, the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force contributes to a broader reduction in associated crimes. “Our aim is two-fold: to curtail vehicle thefts and consequently, the cascading effects on our community’s safety and well-being. Beyond the financial loss, victims of auto theft endure emotional turmoil and distress,” Rep. Schmidt said.

Representative Schmidt concluded by reaffirming his commitment to the cause, stating, “This grant signifies a resounding vote of confidence in the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force’s dedication. Together, we are working towards a future where our neighborhoods are safer and our residents can feel assured of their safety as they enter their vehicles.”

The substantial grant allocation will empower the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force to acquire essential technology and skilled personnel, instrumental in their efforts to combat auto theft. The task force has already made an impact in Metro East Communities, with the recovery of 574 stolen vehicles, valued at over $8 million, in fiscal year 2023.

Rep. Schmidt proudly serves the people of the 114th District.