Rep. Schmidt Congratulates Mascoutah Public Library on Receiving LSTA Grant

Mascoutah, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt is pleased to extend his congratulations to the Mascoutah Public Library for being awarded a $10,582 grant under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program. Administered by the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, the LSTA grant will help the library fulfill its commitment to enhance the services it brings to the community.

The Library Services and Technology Act grant projects are designed to engage Illinois residents through innovative library technology, programs, and services that promote lifelong learning and address the needs of diverse individuals, including those who face challenges in using library resources. The grant aims to provide extended library services, access to information and ideas, and support for information fluency in order to empower residents across the state.

Mascoutah Public Library’s successful grant application exemplifies its dedication to advancing library services and technology for the betterment of its patrons. The grant funds will be utilized to further enrich the technology and services the library provides.

“Congratulations to the Mascoutah Public Library on securing this well-deserved LSTA grant,” said State Representative Kevin Schmidt. “Libraries are invaluable community resources that provide access to knowledge, promote learning, and foster a love of reading. This grant underscores the library’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its patrons and enhancing the technology and services it provides to the people of Mascoutah.”

The Mascoutah Public Library continues to play a vital role in promoting education, literacy, and community development. The LSTA grant will empower the library to expand its reach, offer innovative programs, and provide enhanced services that contribute to the enrichment of Mascoutah and the surrounding areas.

Rep. Schmidt proudly serves the people of the 114th District.