Historic and Vacant East St. Louis Hotel to be Renovated into Housing Complex: Rep. Schmidt Comments

East St. Louis, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt (R-East St. Louis) has commented on the renovation of the historic Broadview Hotel in downtown East St. Louis. The renovations will transform the vacant hotel into a senior living community, breathing new life into a historic East St. Louis landmark.

This renovation is the first large-scale project for East St. Louis in decades. The revitalized hotel will hold 110 rooms with office and retail space on the ground floor. Costing $44 million, the project will be funded by developers with federal and state assistance. The renovated building is slated for opening sometime next year.

“To have somebody to even want to come over here and take on this task in the City of East St. Louis, you know, that was a challenge within itself,” Mayor Eastern said in an interview with KMOV 4. “Any time you can bring people back into the city, especially, into the downtown region, you know, and bring life and vitality–it’s awesome.”

Rep. Kevin Schmidt said, “I’m thrilled to see a project of this magnitude take place in East St. Louis. Not only will this project revitalize an East St. Louis landmark, but it will serve our senior community as well! It’s a win for our community in every way, and I’m excited to see it come to life.”

Rep. Schmidt proudly serves the 114th District of Illinois.