Cahokia Heights Faces Public Health Crisis in Response to an Unfulfilled Promise by Governor Pritzker: Rep. Schmidt Responds

Cahokia Heights, IL…State Representative Kevin Schmidt (R-Cahokia Heights) has responded to the unfulfilled promise of Governor Pritzker regarding a public health crisis ongoing in Cahokia Heights.

The residents of Cahokia Heights are suffering. Failing infrastructure has been plaguing the people of Cahokia Heights for decades, causing sewage to back up into the streets. This situation is not a new problem, and one that the current administration is more than aware of. During an August 3rd news conference, the Governor said that $9.9 million in funding would be “delivered today.” Now, nearly seven months later, the people of Cahokia Heights still await the help they so desperately need.

A recent lawsuit from the people of Cahokia Heights cites 91 examples of sewage spilling into the streets and contaminating entire neighborhoods. Needless to say, this poses grave health risks to the people living there. If funding is not received soon, these issues will only grow worse and continue to plague the lives of every individual in the city.

“The situation in Cahokia Heights is completely unacceptable,” Rep. Schmidt said. “This issue is a health crisis for the residents living there and MUST be taken care of immediately. We cannot allow local families to be forced to continue living this way. The answer is simple: we must hold the Governor accountable to the fulfillment of his promise. If he simply does what he said he would do, we could make the infrastructure improvements that Cahokia Heights so desperately needs. The people of Cahokia Heights wouldn’t have to have a lawsuit if the Governor would deliver on his promises.”

Rep. Schmidt proudly serves the people of the 114th District of Illinois.