Rep. Schmidt Calls on Governor Pritzker to Honor His Promise to Cahokia Heights

Rep. Schmidt, R-Millstadt, wrote a letter to Governor Pritzker inquiring about the release of funds the Governor promised to the city for use in renovating their waste disposal infrastructure. The Governor visited Cahokia Heights on August 3rd, 2022. There, he gave a speech, promising the money for sewer repairs that very day, but the funds have yet to be released.

This unfulfilled promise is leaving the people of Cahokia Heights in dire need of help. The water and sewer problems they face are urgent as they await the fulfillment of a promise made by someone they hoped they could trust.

The situation in Cahokia Heights is an emergency. When there are heavy rains, the community experiences a sewer backup that not only produces an unpleasant smell, but also represents a significant health hazard.

In his letter, Rep. Schmidt wrote, “The people of Cahokia Heights took you at your word and have put plans in motion to resolve their water and sewer problems. The future of these plans hinges on getting the money you promised to them. I urge you to please honor your commitment to the people of Cahokia Heights and release the money you promised to give them.”

Rep. Schmidt proudly serves the people of the 114th District. For more information, call his district office at 618-215-1050.